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Created on 2013-02-27 08:15:20 (#1975339), last updated 2013-03-23 (234 weeks ago)

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Name:Impractical Polyamory
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There are many places where one can discuss how to have successful polyamorous relationships. Of course, the majority of poly relationship are not successful for the simple reason that most relationships, period, are not successful, whether they are monogamous, polyamorous, charmed, strange, up or down.

Polyamory, being inherently less constricting and more evolved than monogamy, opens up a plethora of new ways to fuck up your relationships or, better still, have your relationships fuck up the rest of your life. This is a place for the elder poly blowhards to share their wisdom in such matters, and for the newcomers - or even the experienced polyamorist who could just use an ear and a different point of view - to ask for condescending and self-satisfied advice.

To be blunt: this is a group for HUMOR and SATIRE. Posters seeking sincere advice may be kindly admonished to read this "About" page, or they might be mocked within an inch of their lives. You have been warned.
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